We are a group of physiotherapists with great experience in fitness training and rehabilitation whose vision is to help our patients live an active, healthy lifestyle, improving their general fitness level.

We deliver to our clients health, healing, satisfaction using exercise and rehabilitation.

PhysioFitnessBC's goal is to optimize your lifestyle.


Chronic pain and movement limitation mean less life enjoyment. We help you heal your body and achieve your fitness goals, so you can live your life in full.

The PhysioFitnessBC's registered physiotherapists have vast experience working with all types of injuries & conditions and also with patients of all ages.

How do PhysioFitnessBC differ from other Physiotherapists?

  • We do Individualised Active Rehabilitation

  • 60-minutes one-on-one treatment sessions

  • Fitness training and treatment at the same time.

How do PhysioFitnessBC differ from Personal Trainers?

  • We treat your injury with a safe and effective workout

  • We provide a full assessment at your first session

  • Sessions guided by a registered Physiotherapist

  • Covered by most Extended Health Benefits



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Work Place and office Addresses

100-550 8th Avenue, Vancouver

49-1188 Main Street, Squamish

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