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Four important questions your patients might have

* What is causing my pain?

* How long will it take to get better?

* What can I do to improve it?

* What can you physiotherapist do for me?

Are you able to answer all of these questions?

Are you able to be educate your patient in an empowering way?

Do not forget, if your patient has experienced pain for a long period, it's very likely he/she has already heard variations of answers to these 4 important questions.

Things to keep in mind:

· Change the patient’s mindset from "what is wrong" to “this pain is temporary”. Think of an active solution

· Ask questions like: "Do you have a problem with your daily activities?"

· Think about "Active problems require active solutions."

· The length/time of care is of very related to the patient's understanding of their role in their recovery. They need to be on board about it.

· Mention to the patient what are the differences in the experience you provide versus the other clinicians the patient has seen.

· Remember to ALWAYS use a language the patient can understand.

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