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What is Physiofitnessbc Active Rehab?

Active Rehabilitation at PhysioFitnessBC Vancouver is one-on-one guided exercise therapy with a Registered Physiotherapist. A well planned and implemented rehabilitation program is crucial to effective recovery and helps people to resume work or leisure activities. The goal of Active Rehab is to successfully return participants back to work and daily activities after an injury, including normal physical activities and/or sport participation. The program is open to anyone that would benefit from an active approach to injury rehabilitation, including those that have sustained a motor vehicle accident or a work related injury. You will be lead through a progressive, customized exercise program that is specifically designed to meet your needs and assist you in achieving your goals. The program will include some combination of core strengthening, postural training, work-specific exercises, education, cardiovascular training, balance, proprioception, strength, flexibility and endurance training. At PhysioFitnessBC we will also use Ultra Sound therapy, Dry needling, etc if necessary.

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