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Our Active Rehab and Physiotherapy Services

What are our services?


Traditional Physiotherapy Services for Acute and Chronic injuries, such as; shoulder injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, hamstring sprain, back pain, etc.

Dry Needling - See More Here 
Physiotherapy Guided Fitness and Conditioning Program
​Active Rehabilitation

Falls Prevention Program

Personal Training Services

What can you expect from our sessions?

Therapeutic exercise: stretching, strengthening, core training, balance training, conditioning training
Manual therapy: assisted stretching
Active rehabilitation: Stretching, strengthening, work and sport conditioning
Electric and non-electric modalities: Ultrasound, TENS, heat, ice.

Dry needling 

Personal training sessions are also available. (Extended health benefits do NOT cover personal training sessions)


Extended Health Benefits services cover all active rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment sessions.
Contact your provider directly to clarify how much physiotherapy coverage you have.

No-shows or less than 24-hour cancellation will be charged the total fees at the therapist's discretion.

Mountain Biking
Couple Skiing



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